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13:56:30nsh:.title https://pdf.yt/d/E2ZwuLAVfC44kEQk
13:56:30yoleaux:View 250009335-A-Novel-Approach-for-Computer-Worm-Control-Using-Decentralized-Data-Structures.pdf - PDFy - Instant PDF Host
13:56:57nsh:(uses change addresses rather than OP_RETURN)
14:22:36wumpus:doesn't sound very practical to me: for c&c the last thing you want is an entire audit trail to be stored forever
14:27:30wumpus:if all you need is a one-to-many broadcast mechanism, the blockchain is just a liability. makes me wonder why they didn't consider bitmessage which at least makes an attempt to flush old messages. Not that that gives any guarantee.
14:27:46wumpus:another thing is that it's far from stealthy, using either bitcoin or bitmessage sticks out like a sore thumb in network traffic.
14:29:51nsh:* nsh nods
14:36:26wumpus:"This communications module currently relies on a centralized indexer of the blockchain, blockchain.info" - eh right
15:08:48Eliel_:if decentralized data structures become commonplace, that "sticks out like a sore thumb" argument is void.
15:10:39Eliel_:the audit trail however is not something I'd expect botnet operators to want... although, there is some potential in it for them too. Considering many of them sell the services to others.
15:13:59fluffypony:this just sounds like hipster botnet authors
15:14:10fluffypony:makes no sense whatsoever
15:18:18fluffypony:I can imagine a scenario where an infected PC runs as a blockchain-less node, accepting broadcast tx's and parsing them for C&C messages in OP_RETURN before discarding the tx's
15:18:42fluffypony:but theres still the audit trail issue
15:19:45Eliel_:there's no double spend issue in C&C for a botnet, so not much use for distributed consensus.
15:20:16nsh:there is a kind of doublespend issue (authorities will try to steal your bots)
15:35:20wumpus:to me it reads a bit like "look how a blockchain can be used for horrible things" FUD, without considering whether it's really that good a solution
15:36:19wumpus:it's bound to get a lot of clicks, look, botnet, bitcoin, cybercybercyberthreat
15:36:33nsh:* nsh nods
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15:41:39fluffypony:yeah, when ransomware was using uKash vouchers or whatever nobody went and made a fuss about how bad uKash is
15:49:49MRL-Relay:[othe] uhm well that got so worse that selling ukash in germany over 100 eur got forbidden without proving your identity and getting your id copied and they removed all prepaid cash machines outside of supermarkets etc
15:50:39fluffypony:see, now they just need to do that for botnet operators, problem solved :-P
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22:35:57Taek:gavinadresen: got some time to expand on your thoughts about exponential subjective scoring?