00:03:04tomaw:[Global Notice] Merry Christmas freenode! Don't drink to much, at least not if you're at the keyboard! ;)
03:22:29petertodd:http://www.metzdowd.com/pipermail/cryptography/2014-December/024105.html <- "zero knowledge proofs in C++" interesting DSL for ZK proofs
03:23:53zooko:petertodd: thanks!
03:24:03petertodd:zooko: heh, I was thinking the exact same thing
03:25:14petertodd:zooko: looks like you could implement zerocash on that library for sure
03:27:23petertodd:(er, well, to be clear, modulo alpha/productionizing issues)
03:33:15gmaxwell:oh hey, proofs for hashes.
03:34:21petertodd:pity there isn't a clear license on the code :(
03:51:31gmaxwell:petertodd: you succesfully compiled it? it's a spew of template errors for me.
03:55:29petertodd:gmaxwell: nah, gotta get thsi micropayment channel demo done this morning first
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23:12:49nsh:any else (but petertodd, who i just noticed) attending 31c3?
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