00:18:49narwh4l:If anybody can provide links to practical attempts at contracting on BTC, I would really appreciate it
00:19:58belcher:lighthouse ?
00:45:18kanzure:narwh4l: https://github.com/Blockstream/contracthashtool
02:30:56maaku:narwh4l: define contracting (there's a few things you could mean...)
02:31:23maaku:lighthouse is a great implementation of assurance contracts
02:31:46maaku:the contracthashtool can be used in protocols for atomicly commiting to contracts
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06:24:07op_mul:ok. so I've drunk some of vitalik's koolaid and added his "weak subjectivity" to bitcoin in the form of a patch.
06:25:18op_mul:I posit that this will always devalue into just asking blockchain.info for the correct results rather than actual people, leading to total centralisation. so I now have a node which checks every block with blockchain.info and invalidates if it doesn't match.
06:27:01zooko:Could I see the patch?
06:27:44op_mul:patch is probably the wrong word, it's a horrible python script which talks to the node over RPC.
06:28:10op_mul:I meant I've shoehorned the concept into Bitcoin.
06:30:49op_mul:(I *really* like that there's a proper invalidateblock RPC now)
06:37:16zooko:I'm interested! I want to do something similar. But I really need to fall asleep now.
06:37:32zooko:I'm going to Puerto Rico!! But I don't have a plane ticket yet. :-(
06:45:11op_mul:of all the stupid stuff I've written, that's the one I least expected anybody would want to run.
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17:17:56zooko:I really like this blog post: http://windowsontheory.org/2013/10/07/structure-vs-combinatorics-in-computational-complexity/
18:22:10Alanius:zooko: thanks a million; brilliant link
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18:47:09zooko:Alanius: ☺
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23:37:12zooko:Whoo-hoo! I got tickets to Puerto Rico!! Who's going to be there? ☺☺☺
23:38:06tromp__:me, obviously
23:38:49sipa:zooko: already there!
23:40:53gmaxwell:I'm already there.
23:41:32zooko:Nice! Looking forward to seeing you folks IRL.
23:41:52zooko:Are you folks having a pre-FC meetup or something?
23:43:43sipa:nope, just enjoying some fun coding sessions from a hotel room
23:44:01sipa:we were nearby already, so flew in a bit earlier
23:45:09tromp__:which hotel are you staying in?
23:46:56sipa:airport hotel
23:50:25andytoshi:tromp__: zooko: i'll be there tomorrow night, same hotel as sipa