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03:43:06MRL-Relay:[surae] anyone see this? https://idemixdemo.mybluemix.net/
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14:11:44kanzure:mirror mirror on the wall, what do the wizards talk about at financial cryptography conferences?
14:12:06fluffypony:which one has the grandest beard, of course
14:12:15fluffypony:(the answer is obviously gmaxwell)
14:13:54kanzure:the answer is obviously aubrey
14:14:14kanzure:or todd huffman, before he got hitched...
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14:18:05nsh:i bet i could hitch 100 beards
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15:37:23andytoshi:kanzure: we spent a while talking about efficient schnorr multisignatures, a lot of time talking to various people about their research
15:37:35andytoshi:and i spent a long time complaining that i was tired and wanted to go back the hotel
15:37:46andytoshi:probably there was cool stuff that i missed there
15:38:54nsh:* nsh smiles
15:39:20maaku:andytoshi: you should have found me, i've got a car
15:40:58andytoshi:maaku: ohh, thanks. last night BlueMatt, sipa and i got a cab around 8, so today we are (relatively) rested, so maybe we will be ok for the rest of the trip. but will keep this in mind
15:41:38sipa:the fact that i went to bed around 4am probably means i'm not...
15:41:58maaku:well, if I'm around. i tend to leave early compared to others :P
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16:10:21gmaxwell:sipa: so presentation in FC15 right now is showing an authenticated data structure, a hash tree, where the use a chameleon hash function to allow a secret holder update a tree. I thought for a minute that it might be interesting for a kind of delegation, if applied to a MAST; but really just plain delegation would be a lot more efficient. (and sadly chameleon hash functions that I know about are
16:10:27gmaxwell:slow to verify (e.g. like signature validation)
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21:43:12fluffypony:Aquent: yes.
21:43:20Aquent:lol sorreh
21:43:48Aquent:hows it going btw
21:43:52Aquent:all good here?
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