00:49:36freewil:is someone trying to impersonate gmaxwell?
00:49:42freewil:or auth issues?
00:51:02gwillen:freewil: I'm betting on the latter
01:28:22jcorgan:there are many impostors, but only one true gmaxwell
01:29:21kanzure:i would like to see a good gmaxwell impersonator
01:29:34kanzure:like, even if it's not really him, i'd be okay with that if he does well enough
01:36:14phantomcircuit:kanzure, ha
01:39:09Luke-Jr:+1 imposter gmaxwell who contributes the same as real gmaxwell\
01:39:22Luke-Jr:who needs cloning if we can get high quality imposters
02:03:30phantorncircuit:did someone say high quality impostor?
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11:49:22op_mul:request for cluesticking https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=937058.msg10308187#msg10308187
11:56:19fluffypony:I had a full on argument with a troll from ShadowCash yesterday
11:56:36fluffypony:my favourite bit was this that he says of two functions in the Monero source code: "Normally, this would be avoided by having the compiler generate the code for the operations, thereby increasing maintainability and possibly execution speed. Even when being concerned about the compiler's capability to do this properly (for example when working with an old compiler), preprocessing or code generation would make sense for code like
11:56:39fluffypony:this in order to make working with it less error-prone."
11:57:05fluffypony:he highlights this vector zeroing in 10 lines: https://github.com/monero-project/bitmonero/blob/master/src/crypto/crypto-ops.c#L77-L88 and this vector addition in 40 lines: https://github.com/monero-project/bitmonero/blob/master/src/crypto/crypto-ops.c#L123-L164
11:57:54fluffypony:somehow he completely misses the comments above the function that point to where the code snippet comes from in NaCL / libsodium
11:58:22op_mul:of all the things to argue about in bytecoin/monero, that's not something I would have picked
11:59:21fluffypony:definitely not when it's purposely written that way for reasons he can't fathom
12:01:18fluffypony:op_mul: replied to curve-boy
12:02:06op_mul:nice one
12:03:01op_mul:I've seen and had some fairly pointless arguments with altcoin makers too.
12:03:39op_mul:generally they dissolve down to people having made systems which aren't able to maintain consensus and they just refuse to understand it.
12:05:45fluffypony:amateur cryptography is bad enough, the sheer amount of bad amateur cryptography on the altcoin scene is beyond insane
12:08:08op_mul:darkcoin is a good source of amusement in that area. I found a comment before about how their "X11" proof of work is hard to make an ASIC for :)
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17:18:31fluffypony:andytoshi needs to abandon Rust and go back to the classics: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2u7hz6/is_it_possible_to_code_a_bitcoin_wallet_in_vb/
17:19:46justanotheruser:"is it possible to code a bitcoin wallet in VB" sounds like a good indicator of security
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19:54:24maaku:"is it possible to code a bitcoin wallet in brainfuck?"
19:56:55fluffypony:I'd love to see that
19:57:08helo:can you do disk access?
19:57:22justanotheruser:can you do networking in brainfuck?
19:57:43helo:the more crucial question heh
19:58:04justanotheruser:If you can access whatever memory you want on your computer, probably
19:58:23fluffypony:(plz use 8-bit cells)
19:59:13justanotheruser:fluffypony: why do I keep getting 2015-01-27 05:09:15 ERROR: AcceptToMemoryPool : nonstandard transaction: dust
19:59:29justanotheruser:does it not have the same relay policy as bitcoind?
20:08:34fluffypony:justanotheruser: it's v0.1
20:08:58fluffypony:I haven't added that function yet
20:09:53fluffypony:(relaying, I mean)
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