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15:30:26earlz:So, is it possible to craft a vout that is spendable by a "password" (ie, not just a brainwallet) without revealing the password on the blockchain?
15:30:40earlz:(aside from how insecure that might be)
15:31:31belcher:maybe a p2sh where the script pushes the password onto the stack and then checks for equality? then the scriptsig has to contain the password
15:31:45earlz:And somehow make it so that if you send two transactions, it is not possible to use the redeem script for the first transaction for the second transaction
15:32:17earlz:yea.. I know you could hash the password so it's not in plain-text.. but then if you ever use that password again it's obvious
15:32:26belcher:yeah its a one-time password
15:32:52veox:belcher: something like https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Script#Transaction_puzzle ?..
15:33:34belcher:yeah i knew id read it somewhere
15:33:41veox:Uh, I mean earlz
15:35:46earlz:yea, I mean a script that is more than one-time
15:36:27earlz:idk if it's possible.. starting to think probably not
15:36:39belcher:what are you trying to do?
15:36:56belcher:could you have a password that decrypts a key which you then use to sign
15:37:11earlz:not really trying to do anything, just athought excercise lol
15:40:40earlz:I tend to think it's almost always more secure to make a brainwallet than to do that
15:41:22belcher:no because a brainwallet cracker can in parallel search the entire blockchain
15:41:40belcher:but with this encrypted key they need that part too
15:43:19sipa:you need a system where the verifier needs less information than the signer
15:43:45sipa:a shared secret (aka password) does not satisfy that
15:44:11earlz:I was thinking if you could somehow access transaction id from within script, maybe that'd help.. but even then
15:48:30earlz:What if you used a brainwallet with a "salt" of the vin txid or some such?
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20:50:43phantomcircuit:gmaxwell, did write down your thoughts on a pruning bitcoind?
20:50:58phantomcircuit:i think 35GB is the magic number for a bunch of vps providers
21:17:13Eliel_:earlz: frankly, a password hashed to create a private key you can use to sign is perhaps the best way to get reusable password where the transaction doesn't reveal the password to the whole world.
21:17:24Eliel_:so, yes, that's brainwallet.
21:18:32Eliel_:of course, you don't have to use the same hashing algorithm everyone else uses. But then again, that only makes knowledge of the hash algo a part of the password.
21:42:54sipa:phantomcircuit: just see the pruning pull request?
21:43:02sipa:afaik it's sort of ready to merge
21:47:06phantomcircuit:sipa, there's someone on #bitcoin saying it crashed
21:48:09sipa:"it" ?
21:48:12sipa:that pr?
21:48:27sipa:report it :)
21:50:47phantomcircuit:trying to get actual details out of him...
21:51:18phantomcircuit:i think he changed the prune value and something went wrong
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22:11:41earlz:Eliel_: well, my idea is to salt the user-provided password with something
22:11:47earlz:maybe vin hash or some such
22:12:06earlz:eh, either way its just something I've been toying with. Not sure it's secure enough to trust to anything
22:12:08phantomcircuit:sipa, yeah this is the one that just removes the network node flag
22:14:34dgenr8:the ;;tblb formula sensitivity to hashrate deviation from difficulty is a bit presumptuous at long intervals
22:15:01dgenr8:theoretical expected time to start of next block interval >= i seconds is 600(math.exp(i/600)-i/600-1), which is kind of pretty
23:34:58dgenr8:hmm. the current "tblb" formula simplifies to 600(exp(i/600)) when ignoring hashrate deviation. The missing -1 means it's adding one average interval at the end, which is strange
23:35:12dgenr8:a bigger problem is the whole missing -i/600 term
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23:51:16dgenr8:we've got a chicken that takes i seconds to cross the road, with poisson traffic http://math.stackexchange.com/questions/195560/probability-question-with-interarrival-times
23:51:31dgenr8:guess i'll be submitting a PR