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00:43:46moa:http://www.cs.princeton.edu/~tongbinw/bitcoinIDE/build/editor.html bitcoin script IDE tool
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01:44:51op_mul:moa: something tells me that tool is going to bloat out UTXO set somewhat.
01:44:51phantomcircuit:op_mul, that made me dizzy af
01:44:51justanotheruser:op_mul: you should try out "1 2 op_mul"
01:44:51justanotheruser:op_return works (in that it doesn't work)
01:44:51justanotheruser:someone is going to end up using this js in a consensus reimplementation
01:44:51kanzure:what's with the animation
01:44:51kanzure:is that really necessary?
01:44:51phantomcircuit:obviously it is
01:44:51kanzure:excellent reasoning
01:44:51justanotheruser:umm this is terrible
01:44:51justanotheruser:op_2rot treats the stack as a queue
01:44:51op_mul:there's more than one bug in their script execution. hope nobody elses this for realsies.
01:44:51justanotheruser:I mean the one after that
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01:52:12justanotheruser:somehow op_pushdata1 by itself pushed 216 onto the stack
02:11:16maaku:hrmm... disabled opcodes work
02:11:33op_mul:well. some of them.
02:11:36maaku:people are in for a surprise if they test their scripts here
02:11:48kanzure:perhaps it is a piece of public performance art
02:11:57op_mul:yep. like I said. we're in for some UTXO bloat if people try and use this for real.
02:12:12op_mul:> but it worked in the IDE
02:14:57maaku:the alt stack isn't visualized
02:15:21op_mul:as far as I know no script has ever used the alt stack
02:18:37justanotheruser:also, enter 4b into the assembly section, click the Script tab, click the assembly tab, click the Script tab
02:19:45maaku:op_mul: well jorge and i proposed uses for the alt stack
02:20:22maaku:"4b Batman!"
02:20:24op_mul:oh javascript.
02:20:48maaku:if code_separater wasn't broken you could do cool stuff with the alt stack :\
02:23:53justanotheruser:0 da OP_PUSHDATA4 OP_EQUALVERIFY
02:23:56justanotheruser:PASSES :D
02:24:56op_mul:that fails for me
02:26:16op_mul:oh no. my stack overflowed the box.
02:27:35justanotheruser:op_mul: oops, remove the verify
02:28:11op_mul:is PUSHDATA4 ever legal?
02:28:29justanotheruser:I think so, but it isn't useful.
02:28:32justanotheruser:let me check the source
02:29:45op_mul:yeah it is legal but fairly useless.
02:32:43op_mul:I guess we could say that PUSHDATA4 is a show of ultimate optimism
02:39:35phantomcircuit:op_mul, heh
03:53:59op_mul:andytoshi: re: people auditing openssl, I don't think any of this stuff gets anywhere near as many eyes on it as people would like to be thinking.
04:00:06op_mul:somewhat similar to the bystander effect, where everybody just assumes that everybody else is auditing the code which means they don't have to. of course it's impractical for everybody to audit every bit of code that they use, though.
04:01:22maaku:op_mul: it would not be legal if bip 62 were adopted
04:01:36maaku:except for legacy transactions of course
04:01:45phantomcircuit:op_mul, virtually nobody is reviewing openssl...
04:01:55op_mul:maaku: right, thank you, I knew I'd read that somewhere.
04:01:58phantomcircuit:i bet nobody has read through the entire codebase
04:02:41op_mul:I'm sure the same holds for bitcoin core
04:02:58maaku:i'm pretty sure "open source makes all bugs shallow" has been thoroughly disproven in practice
04:06:16phantomcircuit:op_mul, i read through all of bitcoin core in like
04:06:23phantomcircuit:my eyeballs hurt
04:07:06sipa:i am not sure i have read it all
04:07:29sipa:like the wx code :D
04:07:51op_mul:is there any easy way to get git to spit out the least changed portions of the code?
04:08:13sipa:git blame + some processing
04:08:37op_mul:* op_mul nods
04:09:30phantomcircuit:sipa, i read the wx part but obviously not the wx lib part
04:09:56phantomcircuit:note that is like
04:09:58phantomcircuit:99% useless
04:11:04op_mul:maybe that needs to be a hackathon. big barrel of port, and have a bunch of people sit and read through the code line by line.
05:17:35TopHatCat:Huh? You can have .ninja as a TLD now?
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14:14:53andytosh1:op_mul: my point was that i've read most of libsecp256k1 and the stuff that i read, i understood what was going on. i've tried to look at openssl and every time i get like one line in before i'm chasing macro definitions 5 files deep and can barely keep track of the high-level process, let alone what memory is being moved where
14:15:44andytosh1:so "nobody is looking at this" is exacerbated by the fact that anyone who tries is chased off before they can get started
14:17:00andytosh1:it also helps i think that there is apparently more paranoia in the bitcoin space (where libsecp256k1 is used) for some reason than there is in literally every other area of commerce combined (where openssl is used)
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14:30:58jgarzik:andytoshi, Previously, finance could wave a wand and undo any attacker damage
14:31:11jgarzik:andytoshi, That doesn't work with bitcoin ;p
14:31:26jgarzik:we have to be more paranoid
14:46:10op_mul:andytoshi: I follow.
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