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14:55:54instagibbs:amiller: liking the paper. Finally there is a word for what I am concerned with re:PoW: stability. (may have been in previous papers I haven't read)
15:15:26instagibbs:random notes: "the probability of a fork of depth n if" <- is?
15:15:56instagibbs:\alpha < 50% (if used in equation below just say .5 maybe)
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15:17:01instagibbs:Section IV under Relay policy updates you never really mention what a "Standard" bitcoin transaction is, but state that they are added. I'd just mention it
15:18:22instagibbs:Pegged sidechains: you say redeeming currency requires a hardfork. I don't think that's true? anyone can spend magically moves after miner sees spv proof, no?
15:19:18instagibbs:Table II: you say O(1) are implicit in blank cells, but there are random O(1) inserted in various cells. Not sure why
15:19:48instagibbs:that's all my quibbles for now
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