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08:03:39Taek:https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=9055073 - this is an idea that has obsessed me a bit for the past year or so
08:04:35Taek:the idea of an autonomous, self repairing, self reproducing fleet of cars that finances itself by being a taxi service is super attractive. It'll be nearly alive, and it'll pay for all of its own human services
08:06:22Taek:And Bitcoin is a pretty natural choice for currency, as it protects the cars from legal action that might freeze the funding. It won't protect the cars from seizure or force but at least you'll have financial security
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11:44:54maaku:Taek: sure, but the challenges there are unrelated to money protocol
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13:58:25kanzure:maaku: perhaps i should push him into the secret channel for secret self-reproducing car stuff
13:59:27maaku:kanzure: yeah Taek's cool
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15:41:10justanotheruser:kanzure: aww, I was hoping for a proof that proofs can't prove the absence of bugs
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19:03:47cfields:stonecoldpat: assume we're thinking the same way, what pitfalls have you come up with?
19:05:39kanzure:cfields: sender pubkey is clever but you could just do a massive lookup attack i think, since sender pubkeys are knowable
19:06:00kanzure:cfields: although the feasibility of that sort of large lookup might be not so feasible, i dunno
19:06:00stonecoldpat:well, there is also a signature available
19:06:06stonecoldpat:so you have a sig + pub key, that bob can now work with
19:06:26stonecoldpat:and that sig may reveal information
19:06:34cfields:kanzure: the pubkey doesn't get you anywhere....
19:06:47cfields:kanzure: you'd have to also know the receiver's privkey in order to generate the shared secret
19:06:50kanzure:cfields: you can observe the network and see all transactions. so you by definition must have the pubkey.
19:07:36kanzure:or at least a hash of the pubkey.... hm.
19:07:44kanzure:well now i'm unsure.
19:07:48cfields:kanzure: yes, i meant.. if you know the correct pubkey for the _real_ transaction, there's no way to prove it
19:07:50stonecoldpat:if its in the input, theyll have the actual pub key
19:08:19kanzure:cfields: so you're hoping that nobody looks at all of the possible pubkeys, and doesn't try to reconstruct those so-called (possible) stealth transactions?
19:08:46cfields:kanzure: no, i'm saying that it doesn't do you any good to have the real pubkey, if you don't have the sender's priv key to go with it
19:08:54cfields:because you can't regenerate the secret without both
19:09:16kanzure:what was the definition of your secret please
19:09:42stonecoldpat:from what i can tell, he wants to use the pubkey stored in the input of a transaction, as opposed to one sent over https / opreturn
19:09:56stonecoldpat:and then do a diffie with the senders pub key
19:09:58cfields:sender privkey * recv pubkey
19:11:03cfields:the sender tweaks the recv pubkey with that secret to derive a new pubkey, and sends the funds there
19:11:03stonecoldpat:yeah i had an idea to do that last summer, i sent a few e-mails about it privately to some people, it should work fine
19:11:17stonecoldpat:only problem is that a sig is available
19:11:46cfields:stonecoldpat: right. This assumes that the sender can create a compatible transaction
19:12:18stonecoldpat:what do you mean by compatible
19:12:23stonecoldpat:its just a normal transaction?
19:12:48cfields:yea, just nothing crazy
19:12:57stonecoldpat:i look up your previous one, get the pub key, generate your new pub key using my pub key, and send a transaction to that derived pub key
19:13:14stonecoldpat:my pub key is revealed and then you just do stealth that way
19:14:12stonecoldpat:some worries ive had, bob knows it in advance and may force you into some number group that makes your new pub key vulnerable, but i dont have any evidence to show thats the case
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19:14:53cfields:stonecoldpat: that's part of my reason for suggesting to hash the secret before using it
19:14:54stonecoldpat:he also has a singature, that may reveal some information about your pub key (as ecdsa in the form for bitcoin is not a zero knowledge proof, although theres a paper that hints that it could be if re-arranged)
19:15:50stonecoldpat:it would have to be hashed yeah (thats whats done during a stealth)
19:16:01stonecoldpat:your just using a difference source of a pub key, everything else is the same
19:17:51cfields:stonecoldpat: for that matter, the sender's pubkey could also be tweaked before use in creating the secret, in order to further obfuscate it
19:18:13stonecoldpat:you cant trust the sender
19:18:18stonecoldpat:he wants to steal your bitcoins if he can
19:18:24cfields:no, that'd be for the sender's benefit
19:18:57stonecoldpat:why would it benefit him? he sends the coins (using an ad-hoc address), he no longer has any use fori t
19:19:16stonecoldpat:he may not even care for the privacy, its the receiver who cares (and requests that this technique is used)
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19:24:34cfields:stonecoldpat: ok sorry, i got that backwards. the receiver's pubkey could be tweaked on the sender's side by some deterministic (but random) value, to be reversed by the receiver. in order to possibly help hide info that could be gleaned from the sig.
19:27:20linelevel:I just saw Gavin at DevCore Boston less than a week ago, and he said he thought it would be 6 months before 0.10 was released. Guess he overestimated a bit. :)
19:27:48cfields:linelevel: eh? he said 6 months for adoption
19:27:53stonecoldpat:cfields: ive thought of that for something related, i dont think that would help as it creates extra-work for the receiver (unless random is sent via another channel) and i dont think that would really help with the sig problem
19:28:15kanzure:cfields: btw i have a partial transcript from the livestream http://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/bitcoin-devcore-2015/research-and-development-goals/
19:28:16stonecoldpat:then that defeats the purpose of doing it that way to begin with (to avoid out-of-band communication)
19:28:21linelevel:cfields: Ah, okay. I guess I misunderstood.
19:29:22cfields:stonecoldpat: random could be something as simple as the hash of the pubkey.
19:29:43cfields:er, haha, nm
19:30:17stonecoldpat:theres lots of tweaks you can do, but i dont think they are necessary
19:30:28cfields:this is all still fresh in my brain, i keep having to remind myself which parts are secret :)
19:31:21stonecoldpat:if it helps, i do think its reasonably safe, a while ago i searched through the logs to find out why they didnt do it that way to begin with to no avail, but its certainly better to use an ad-hoc nonce each time for safety
19:33:20cfields:stonecoldpat: well, it's a trade-off with adding an additional layer of communication.
19:33:49cfields:stonecoldpat: but yes, this has helped greatly. Thanks for talking though it with me. I'll throw something together for a more in-depth discussion.
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