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01:53:55amiller:okay i'm thikning about variations on nonoutsourceable puzzle arrangements
01:54:15amiller:as i try vainly/desperately to fix my paper so it can get published.
01:54:45nsh:can you define nonoutsourceable puzzle arrangements a little more?
01:54:54nsh:as in merkle puzzles?
01:55:11amiller:okay to recap, the basic structure i have is a puzzle with an optional zk proof
01:55:37nsh:puzzle being something that's computationally hard to determine from the inputs?
01:56:11amiller:where you can prove, "i know a puzzle solution pointing to previous block P" without indicating what it is
01:56:29nsh:* nsh nods
01:56:31amiller:er you reveal the prevhash P, but nothing about any transactions you may have committed to, nothing about the nonce
01:56:58amiller:now, i make it the zk thing optional because it's a pain to actually have to produce these proofs, but it can be done in say 15 seconds if you have enough parallel cpu
01:57:40amiller:if there are no pools, and everything else is the same, then no one would want to play at all.
01:57:54amiller:since the variance is so high, you spend $2k on a rig you're still not seeing a block in the next year most likely
01:58:13amiller:now my handwavy solution so far has been, well lets lower the block time
01:59:08amiller:but that's really not that good a solutino
01:59:24amiller:if the block time were put that low, then that 15 second time would be kind of prohibitive
02:00:05amiller:so here are some of the basic options i'm considering now:
02:00:58amiller:1) suppose there's some chance of winning a "lucky" block, and the lucky block might count for a little bit more difficulty (to offset the time it takes to make a zk proof) and a lot more reward
02:01:52amiller:like, one out of 4096 blocks gets a 100x reward, and counts for 10x difficulty
02:02:25amiller:(measures of the average difficulty rate and expected reward would need to take that into account)
02:02:38amiller:okay that's one component not a whole solution.
02:03:09nsh:[phonecall, bbiab]
02:03:38amiller:component 2) what if you can basically reveal some information more than the prevhash, but only if that extra information is itself a sub-difficulty proof of work chain?
02:03:44amiller:or to put it another way,
02:03:53amiller:you can reveal enough information that you can participate in p2pool
02:05:33amiller:let me recap the two extremes and why i've previously settled on one.
02:06:14amiller:the first extreme is that you reveal the prevhash, and the merkle root of transactions you were committing to, but use zk proofs to hide the nonce and maybe some details that would ordinarily be in the coinbase tx
02:06:23amiller:the reason this defeats the nonoutsourceability premise is that
02:06:52amiller:a pool could catch defectors by basically assigning a unique sentinel transaction in the merkle root of the work it hands out to each different user
02:07:49gmaxwell:If a pool is handing out tx sets that depending on a old model of pooling that really should go away.
02:08:15gmaxwell:(there is no reason for pools to manage the consensus, miners should be able to pick the chain/tx sets themselves and have pools pay them on the basis of coinbase outputs)
02:09:27amiller:yeah but that doesn't matter in this context
02:09:53amiller:the scenario here is, suppose pools are trying to find ways of still existing despite a nonoutsourceable puzzle that tries to make them not work
02:10:21gmaxwell:oh sorry, yea, my error there.
02:10:28gmaxwell:(I was reading LIFO)
02:10:49amiller:heh, now that you know what i'm trying to talk about again you may want to tune out :p
02:11:51amiller:okay so the other extreme, which is the main assumption i've been working in for describing nonoutsourceable puzzles, is you reveal as little about any committed informaiton as you possibly can
02:12:16amiller:no merkle root, no nonce, no timestamp, just the prevhash, which seems unavoidable.
02:12:33amiller:okay so this extreme sucks because it breaks P2Pool
02:12:40amiller:throwing the baby out with the bathwater so to speak
02:13:57amiller:that's becuase p2pool works by showing other people your near-miss work shares, and showing that the work you were doing would have paid out to them if you had won.
02:20:18amiller:okay so,
02:20:28amiller:a compromise between those extremes
02:20:42amiller:is to allow the zk proof to reveal more than just the prevhash,
02:21:16amiller:but something that makes adding per-user watermarks harder.
02:21:37amiller:you could allow the zk proof to reveal a p2pool-like shares-chain
02:22:10amiller:since it has to come with some valid work, it wouldn't be possible to freely farm out different ones to different pool members
02:22:23amiller:you'd have to solve a proof-of-work puzzles just to do that!
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02:42:47amiller:ugh well, that's the key observation, it might be safe to commit to some informaiton you're oging to later reveal even though the rest is in zk, because at least that thwarts pools easily making different values for every person
02:42:57amiller:i'm having a hard time thinking through how to use that to best effect
02:45:42amiller:the difference between the total hash rate (350M gigahertz) vs a $50 mining device (10Ghz) is still 35 million. It would be impossible to make p2pool parameters such that someone with the 10ghz right wins a 'share' every day... that would be 35M shares and therefore as many txoutputs
02:58:34amiller:p2pool has like 2M GH/s so that's still 300k of the 10GH/s chips.... yet only like 3k p2pool shares are found in a day so still pretty far off, let alone if everyone used p2pool
03:11:26zooko:* zooko has read with interest and with partial comprehension.
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03:19:20amiller:i duno now i'm having second thoughts about whether this is feasible at even a high level
03:19:40amiller:the harm in pooling comes from letting someone else decide what you work on
03:19:46amiller:it still costs nothing to do that, even if you are solo mining
03:21:52amiller:furthermore if you are committing to prevhash, which i think you must be doing, then a coercer could still bribe you to do work reverting some history
03:27:08amiller:in general, the reason to follow 'soft fork' rules is that majority of miners won't build on your block if you don't
03:27:28amiller:that rule by majority is assumed 'ok'
03:28:33amiller:some subbehavior, like a black list enforced by a few pool operators, is a problem, although if its effective its because its still a majority behavior
03:46:11amiller:so i guess what i want is to make it encouraged to defect from any *small* coalition but still to do what the majority wants
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17:39:27fluffypony:great article
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23:29:28e_0:can anyone point me to resources talking about block race engineering to split mining power? I've been searching around bitcointalk, but I'm probably just using the wrong terminology.
23:32:04kanzure:e_0: you may be interested in the term "fork"
23:32:55kanzure:there's also been lots of words written regarding block size influencing block propagation and saturation time
23:35:23e_0:kanzure: I've read a few papers in that area, but I've yet to see any mention of adversarial delaying of blocks for the purposes of causing a fork and splitting the total mining power.
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23:53:54zooko:I'm not expert, e_0, but I haven't previously thought about that idea in much detail, and it seems like potentially a good attack.
23:54:07zooko:I think I've heard gmaxwell and others talking about similar things.
23:56:32kanzure:also block withholding
23:57:00e_0:I've had conversations about it with people in the past as well, I was just hoping someone wrote it first and I could give them credit.
23:58:16e_0:yeah, two 33% selfish miners cooking off would make for an interesting day in the blockchain.