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12:42:52kanzure:"Practical Compact E-Cash with Arbitrary Wallet Size" http://eprint.iacr.org/2015/086.pdf
14:59:11kanzure:please look forward to my proposal for negative confirmation transactions
14:59:49[nsh]:* [nsh] smiles
15:10:11bsm117532:Amazon already has a patent on that.
15:12:01justanotheruser:kanzure: isn't that basically checklocktime?
15:20:34jgarzik:nLockTime is arguably negative confirmations
15:22:16kanzure:oh, perfect
15:23:21[nsh]:the joke is 'spendable after negative confirmations'. nLockTime is more prosaically 'begins with [kinda] negative conformations'
15:23:29kanzure:"I and many other people tried your replace-by-fee tools and found out that they worked **maybe** 1-2% of the time" yeah... that's probably the merchant's entire margin.
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15:36:06justanotheruser:[nsh]: if it's spendable after a known number of more blocks it kindof already is confirmed?
15:36:30[nsh]:* [nsh] shrugs
15:48:01petertodd:kanzure: +1
15:49:47petertodd:kanzure: and like I said in my reply, I intentionally didn't make that doublespend script get high success rates out-of-the-box - all the clever strategies are turned off, and it doesn't provide any mechanism to create totally non-std transactions and get them to miners
15:49:58petertodd:*turned off by default
15:51:54kanzure:whoops wait my comment is really bad. 1-2% of the transactions is of course not going to be 1-2% of revenue. so talking about margins is wrong. but if you are allowed to assume a flat distribution....
15:52:31petertodd:kanzure: hah, yeah, which means that 1-2% might be 50% of your revenue if you get unlucky :)
15:54:21kanzure:petertodd: so would this strategy be of any utility? a merchant that wants to accept zeroconf should make a subsequent transaction that spends all of his BTC plus the input of the original zeroconf. does that get picked up by any mining/priority policy these days?
15:54:47petertodd:kanzure: in replace-by-fee it wouldn't - priority doesn't count for anything
15:54:59kanzure:k. lousy method anyway. :)
15:55:11petertodd:kanzure: against non-rbf double-spend attacks it'd also make no difference
15:55:35kanzure:right, was just thinking about transaction competition i guess. not sure.
15:56:19petertodd:kanzure: now, in my implmentation if you made 100 transactions in a row you'd trip the recursion/breadth limit on the child tx evaluator, and it wouldn't attempt to replace, but that's a temporary artifact of my "work at all costs" design
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21:43:22kanzure:amiller: what about a system like helios except where coercion can only occur by making the coercion public and known to everyone?
21:43:41amiller:that would be interesting, how so?
21:44:14kanzure:hmm, i don't have any answers yet. i'll report back eventually.
21:49:09kanzure:you could have delayed coercion proofs maybe
21:49:30kanzure:that only get unlocked once some threshold number of potential proofs are available?
21:49:46kanzure:i guess that wont work; not everyone will be harmed, but some might.
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