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14:47:56dabura667:If I place 3 valid signatures from the 3 keys of a 1 of 3 multisig in the scriptSig, will OP_CHECKMULTISIG evaluate false?
14:48:45dabura667:or will it just pick up one, check it, then pick up the extra bugged value, leaving a 1 on the stack on top of the 3rd sig?
14:52:13kanzure:dabura667: i'll help you out in #bitcoin
14:52:31dabura667:kanzure thanks
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15:11:09droark:Question: Using BIP 32, it's possible to create scalar multipliers that you can apply directly to public keys to get a non-hardened child, then apply another scalar multiplier to get the child's child, etc. Is there any way to combine the multipliers such that there's only one multiplier, and you can go straight to the intended child? My understanding of EC math tells me it's not possible.
15:13:10droark:Guuuuh. Scalar multiplier is applied to the base point, which is then added to the parent key.
15:26:19[nsh]:droark, so what are the algebraic properties of scalar multiplication over the group in question?
15:26:58kanzure:"Ultimate physical limits to computation" http://arxiv.org/pdf/quant-ph/9908043v3.pdf
15:28:36[nsh]:it'd be nice to have some kinda mathematics software notebook that let you see how various ECC cryptographic properties follow from the geometry
15:29:19droark:If you do nP (n is scalar, P is an EC point), it's P + P + ... + P, obviously. Addition is (x1, y1) + (x2, y2) = (x3, y3) where x3 = (λ^2)−x1−x2, y3 = λ(x1− x3) − y1, and λ = (y2–y1) / (x2–x1).
15:29:45droark:EC addition, I mean.
15:29:48[nsh]:* [nsh] nods
15:31:40[nsh]:wolfram alpha would conceivably tell us how the terms for combine scalar multiplications would simplify
15:31:53[nsh]:not keen on teasing the syntax out though
15:32:21droark:Yeah, it's been years since I touched Mathematica or MATLAB.
15:32:35sipa:what is the question?
15:34:02[nsh]:can you derive a single-step formula for (BIP-32) combined scalar multiplications to go directly to some [great x N]grandchild key
15:34:40droark:nsh is far more succinct than me. :)
15:34:51sipa:you need a hash of the intermediate point
15:35:30droark:So basically you're saying it's not possible to combine the multipliers? That's what I was thinking.
15:38:08sipa:the child key is parent + H(parent*G)
15:39:39droark:It's possible to use the left half of the hash as a multiplier against the base point and then add that to the parent. You can create a chain of multipliers that way. Sounds like there's no way to combine the chain into one multiplier applied from the start, thereby hiding the intermediate steps from anybody deriving the child.
15:39:57sipa:a grandchild would be parent + H(parent*G) + H((parent + H(parent*G))*G)
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