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14:07:46fluffypony:adam3us: re: reddit, Monero splits outputs up by orders of magnitude, and throws in some additional change to obscure which outputs are change and which are going to the "payee", so not multiple transactions, just multiple outputs
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15:12:49instagibbs:andytoshi: sad to say the explicit calling out of "phoning a friend" was needed, but good to see it written down!
15:14:45instagibbs:"It is correspondingly vulnurable to legal pressure, attacks on “trusted” entities, and network attacks." or, say, trusted websites running homebrew versions of your consensus
15:40:27MRL-Relay:[tacotime] fluffypony: well, we are stopping that soon though and breaking it into multiple tx. as per MRL-0004.
15:40:59MRL-Relay:[tacotime] to prevent combinatorial and associative attacks against amounts sent.
16:51:46kanzure:"Provable security in the real world" http://www.ibiblio.org/weidai/temp/Provable_Security.pdf
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17:08:32NewLiberty:Kanzure, it cites nothing more recent than 2010. So missing some of the recent interesting things from Ben-Sasson, et al
17:08:48stonecoldpat:kanzure: it reads really well i like it
17:41:05zooko:What's the best intro to SNARKs?
17:41:56andytoshi:zooko: the original ben-sasson et al paper (oct 2013 on eprint.iacr.org) has a long introduction with historical context
17:42:48andytoshi:and explains the division between what they're doing (half is efficiently translating C programs to arithmetic circuits, half is the "real" zero-knowledge stuff)
17:43:23andytoshi:amiller i think knows SNARKs better than anyone here now, highlighting him..
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18:07:31kanzure:zooko: that's funny, i've been linking to your wiki as an introduction for snarks
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19:53:21Anduck:any re-thoughts about the 'k-derived from privatekey' thing i described some time ago?
19:54:23gmaxwell:What you're talking about is called a "single show signature".
19:55:04gmaxwell:There is currently no way to enforce single-showness in Script, in bitcoin, at least as it's currently constructed. They way you'd do that for ecdsa/schnorr is just make r part of the pubkey (or be committed to by the pubkey).
19:55:46gmaxwell:(so others don't need to grep their logs: )
19:55:46gmaxwell:11:17 < Anduck> what if k-value were calculated from private key (each priv key has one corresponding k-value) so every transaction re-using address would reveal the private key
19:56:18gmaxwell:I'm dubious about the utility of single show signatures, in that they're super fragile... if your transaction gets stuck or something and you need to reissue with greater fees, you leak your private key.
19:56:49gmaxwell:In terms of discouraging double spending the attacker will just arrange things so that the loss of the private key is no big deal. (e.g. by ripping off lots of people at once).
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23:39:04FartNozzle:سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ
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23:39:58aakselrod:don't know if any of the ops got it, but FartNozzle just sent me a DCC
23:40:11aakselrod:or tried, anyway
23:40:14fluffypony:سمَـَّوُوُحخ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ ̷̴̐خ امارتيخ ̷̴̐خ
23:40:33fluffypony:which Google translates as: "Smoouhkh ̷̴̐kh ̷̴̐kh ̷̴̐kh Amartykh ̷̴̐kh"
23:43:47aakselrod:lol.. mine just said "STARTKEYLOGGER"
23:44:04aakselrod:oh, and then what you pasted too i guess
23:45:24fluffypony:fun time
23:54:33lechuga_:just ctcp jupe'd his ass