00:07:14Anduck:gmaxwell: would there be utility to implement them as one kind of addresses?
00:07:30Anduck:services could accept 0-conf from them
00:08:42Anduck:...though miners could doublespend anyway but i can see there could be some utility if it was available. probably better to keep it simple though
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10:34:39gmaxwell:http://arxiv.org/abs/1404.3458 "The proposed polynomial basis allows that h-point polynomial evaluation can be computed in O(hlog2(h)) finite field operations with small leading constant."
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12:23:07Eliel:If I calculated correctly, for practical purposes, that means RS decoding efficinecy has gone up 300%+ (assuming h of at least 256)
12:49:52gmaxwell:Eliel: perhaps not that simple, small RS codes just use tables for multipling. The concrete performance numbers they gave are kind of suspect (the competing implementation sounds insanely slow).
12:51:07gmaxwell:But certantly interesting to see something finally achieve the expected asymptotic complexity in GF2.
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22:56:45phantomcircuit:gmaxwell, did you see my hilarious realization?
22:57:03phantomcircuit:you can actually build a pos consensus system.... but history isn't permanent
22:57:11phantomcircuit:everybody agrees on what the new history is though
22:57:31jcorgan:we have always been at war with eastasia
22:57:41phantomcircuit:jcorgan, heh
22:57:58phantomcircuit:it was thinking of calling it paypal coin
22:58:38phantomcircuit:and have the forking rules be that any conflicts destroy the conflicted coins entirely including their descendants
22:58:44phantomcircuit:this is of course entirely useless
22:58:52phantomcircuit:but technically provides a distributed consensus
22:59:36phantomcircuit:oh and there's a pretty obvious dos issue
22:59:43phantomcircuit:but *waves hands*
23:01:10Anduck:is it something like how ripple is trying to work?
23:01:55phantomcircuit:Anduck, amusingly it's close to the same result but far simpler to implement
23:02:49Anduck:you have to tell them about it (or stellar devs). i think stellar devs are trying to fix the consensus thing which is broken in ripple and in stellar
23:03:46phantomcircuit:Anduck, i'd be pretty amused if they implemented this
23:03:51phantomcircuit: this is of course entirely useless
23:04:53Anduck:hmm ahhm..yeah
23:14:05phantomcircuit:Anduck, it's amusing because it is technically a distributed consensus system
23:14:17Anduck:yeah i figured =)
23:17:15Anduck:phantomcircuit: if someone tried to double-spend the consensus would destroy the coins?