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02:46:48petertodd:phantomcircuit: "you can actually build a pos consensus system.... but history isn't permanent" <- and now you understand why pos needs checkpoints...
02:47:42phantomcircuit:petertodd, the checkpoints make the pos part irrelevant though
02:48:50phantomcircuit:i suspect you could make pos work if the thing as stake wasn't the unit in the system
02:49:11phantomcircuit:but probably that ends up looking like merged mining
04:40:49phantomcircuit: phantomcircuit: if someone tried to double-spend the consensus would destroy the coins?
04:40:53phantomcircuit:or whatever the rule was
04:41:03phantomcircuit:(that was the only one i could think of that made sense)
04:41:10phantomcircuit:(for limited values of "sense")
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06:52:10tdryja:Hi - I have a question for wizards if anyone's around
06:52:39tdryja:say you have 3 outputs, A, B, C
06:52:49tdryja:and 2 transactions, say tx1 and tx2
06:53:12tdryja:tx1 is A -> B
06:53:18tdryja:tx2 is B -> C
06:54:05tdryja:assume output A is from a transaction a while ago and in a block
06:54:41tdryja:I know that tx1 and tx2 can appear in the same block; that is, tx1 does not need to be confirmed for its outputs to be spent
06:55:09Taek:this is probably a question for #bitcoin or #bitcoin-dev
06:55:14tdryja:my question is, does tx1 need to appear before tx2 within the same block for the block to be valid
06:55:16fluffypony:They can be chained, yes
06:55:52tdryja:hm, OK maybe I'll take it to bitcoin dev, sorry!
06:57:31fluffypony:tdryja: transaction order within a block is irrelevant, all transactions are assumed to have happened at the same time
06:57:40fluffypony:But yes, better suited to -dev
06:59:06fluffypony:(Although the fact that verifying tx2 requires verification of tx1 means they'll naturally be in order anyway)
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16:20:03Anduck:about the k-value thing we talked about earlier. could it be less fragile if the k-value deriving included block height or something? a bit like gauth
16:27:13sipa:using k = hash(msg + privkey) should be perfrctly safe, unless the hash function is (very) broken
16:27:50sipa:and is standardized in rfc 6979
16:30:29gmaxwell:sipa: you're missing context.
16:30:58sipa:ignore me, in that case
16:32:57gmaxwell:Anduck: no that cannot work. No amount of non-secret inputs can reduce the brittleness.
16:33:19gmaxwell:Anduck: You are ignoring the other point that I made; that having a one show signature does not actually do much useful; which doesn't go away even if the brittleness concerns were solved.
16:33:49gmaxwell:sipa: Anduck made some suggestion which basically reduces to "why not use a single show signature to deal with double spending"
16:39:10Anduck:can you elaborate this a little? gmaxwell| In terms of discouraging double spending the attacker will just arrange things so that the loss of the private key is no big deal. (e.g. by ripping off lots of people at once).
16:41:03Anduck:wouldn't the miner then be able to spend the coins anyway so trying double spending will always lose the coins to miner of the next block
16:45:45gmaxwell:Anduck: no, because the miner themselves can be the attacker, and because the second spend need not be widely distributed. The reciever is still totally screwed, so long as the attacker still got their good they're at least just as well off as if they hadn't double spent. Also, they can use the same coins to concurrently double spend against many parties.
16:46:15gmaxwell:E.g. they take 1 BTC, spend it 15 times, miner takes the coins, they get 4 BTC worth of goods from the three successful double spends.
16:47:26Anduck:ok. thanks
16:47:46gmaxwell:So the improvement is mitigated by (1) concurrent theft, (2) miner theft, (3) if the success rate is high, it still doesn't hurt to try and just hope that the winning miner didn't hera both. So this bounds the benefits pretty substantially; and then on the downsides you have the extreme fragility where you can't reissue a stuck spend, or you're screwed if someone accidentally sends twice to the
16:47:52gmaxwell:same address. :)
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21:52:21fluffypony:gribble: seen op_mul ?
21:52:33fluffypony:that's not it
21:52:42fluffypony:!seen op_mul
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