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05:51:06gmaxwell:ugh: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/30562s/bitnodes_will_be_releasing_plug_play_bitcoin_node/ ... we removed bitnodes as a dnsseed in bitcoin core because they kept engaging in sketchy behavior, and IMO dishonest. (e.g. we'd ask them to stop connecting at super high frequency to monitor every node in the network, and they said they would.. and a month later they instead had a perpetual
05:51:12gmaxwell:link up to every node in the network, etc. etc.)
05:52:07kanzure:who is "we"? who made the request
05:52:18gmaxwell:Now they're announcing that they're selling "full node hardware" (an underpowered odroid c1 and some yet to be disclosed software load); ... this really doesn't fill me with excitement.
05:52:35gmaxwell:kanzure: bitcoin core commiters; jeff, myself mostly, pieter.
05:53:47gmaxwell:after several cycles of the above kind of miscommunication I got tired of repeating it (and worring if they were really up to no good, or if it was just some derpy miscommunication), and just removed them.
05:55:23gmaxwell:Since then they started a "pay people to run full nodes" program thats pretty seriously ill-advised (because the optimal way to pay is just proxy networks, so it breaks our ability to estimate measure actual full node deployment; and doesn't get us anything we were lacking (not like we're running out of sockets)); and now this.
06:00:53satwo:gmaxwell: their website states "Bitnodes is currently being developed to estimate the size of the Bitcoin network by finding all the reachable nodes in the network." <- doesn't seem like they got the memo.
06:02:13gmaxwell:the complaint wasn't the spidering, its that they were taking what could have been a couple connections per day of spidering and instead using a lot of reasources (and later staying connected and monitoring transactions).
06:03:11gmaxwell:Kinda funny that the reddit crowd was shocked-shocked about chainanalysis or whatever that was but is goo-goo for this, obviously chainanalysis should have just paid everyone 8 cents per month. :-/
06:05:02satwo:not knowing any better, i was under the impression that chainanalysis was the first known company to attempt that... perhaps I should spend more time here and less time over at r/bitcoin ;)
06:05:16kanzure:avoiding reddit is a good strategy in general
06:06:41gmaxwell:satwo: the only differences I'm aware of about chainanalysis is that they also ran a /24 worth of 'nodes' to get more connections from hosts behind nats that are not reachable from the outside world; and that they were explicitly and overtly a business to monitor user's location behavior.
06:06:54midnightmagic:kanzure: Except that *not* contributing to signal in a noise-ful environment is to ignore the massive propagation of lies and misconceptions, and we all suffer for it eventually because the only people who can correct them are the people who know better, and the people who know better (or *should* know better) won't grow as a population unless the pre-existing population builds numbers.
06:07:24gmaxwell:Interestingly, they distinguished themselves from BC.i by pointing out at least they'd never just post the IPs they collect; which I'm not sure what I think about that defense.
06:14:06satwo:gmaxwell: never knew BC.i did that until now. They count almost 3.5 million unique ip addresses. Perhaps useful to encourage node operators to use tor?
06:20:28satwo:midnightmagic: I always pay extra careful attention when I see a comment by a core dev or otherwise "respectable" technical person like peter todd... problem is, even those guys often get quickly accused of being shills for one thing or another, potentially leaving the casual observer in a state of confusion and doubt.
06:22:14kanzure:uh, well they should be confused.
06:26:53midnightmagic:satwo: Model a smarter person than an LCD casual observer as the audience and target of comments there, and set the tone light enough that you don't get downvote-dogpiled.
06:40:12satwo:midnightmagic: Good advice; but I'm hesitant to post much until I have more confidence that I actually know what I'm talking about ;)
06:40:54satwo:Which is one reason I thought I'd start lurking around these parts.
07:28:45fluffypony:gmaxwell: they really should be encouraged to follow the GoogleBot method
07:29:20fluffypony:I noticed on Webmaster Tools a few weeks ago that by default it restricts itself to only grabbing a few kb of data a day
07:30:05fluffypony:I can't see a need for Bitnodes to connect to a node more rapidly than like once a week
07:30:26fluffypony:especially if they can fingerprint nodes somehow to see if a node has dropped off or merely changed its IP
07:33:22fluffypony:* fluffypony ponders
07:34:36fluffypony:fingerprinting could be done by a traceroute (last hop may/should stay the same if the node's IP changes), or by a quick port scan + grab headers for common services if they're active
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16:16:31chris13243:when we reach the blocksize limit, how will zero conf transactions be affected?
16:19:31fluffypony:they won't, #bitcoin-dev or #bitcoin
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19:12:24fluffypony:is anyone going to WEBTCExpo in May?
19:12:32fluffypony:in Amsterdam, May 2-3
20:06:44MRL-Relay:[tacotime] https://forum.stanford.edu/events/2015davidmarzieresinfo.php
20:07:31MRL-Relay:[tacotime] "Stellar is provably safe because we choose who the nodes are, and because they're likely banks they won't do bad stuff."
20:09:25gmaxwell:tacotime: I would have thought that was an actual quote if I didn't check.
20:09:37MRL-Relay:[tacotime] Hahahaha.
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