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06:48:22moa:http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2015/03/who-on-earth-would-attack-github-for-its-anti-great-firewall-projects/ something worth pondering re bitcoinn
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16:43:07andytoshi:this made me laugh https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1005487.msg10913091#msg10913091 "looks random to me, unless i'm missing something"
16:46:58Chillum:< 128 bit key = fail
16:47:10fluffypony:missing something like...I dunno...an understanding of randomness
16:49:55fluffypony:speaking of gems
16:50:08fluffypony:"Cryptography has never been a significant part of cryptocurrency - even though it may share the first few letters. It works on a system of digital signatures."
17:21:06andytoshi:classic :D
18:20:16fluffypony:gmaxwell: it gets much worse, he doubles down on it
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18:31:16andytoshi:in fairness, his doubling-down is citing vitalik saying almost the same words with "encryption" in place of "cryptography" when mocking a press article misusing words
18:45:53fluffypony:yeah I saw that - he's misunderstanding what Vitalik was saying
18:46:56gmaxwell:fluffypony: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1001642.msg10922949#msg10922949
18:48:51gmaxwell:fluffypony: I didn't have the impression that vitalik had any great recognition of the scope and implications of these systems being cryptographic either. (E.g. just the long list of sloppy adhoc systems that turn out to be insecure once subject to critical inspection).
18:52:31STRML:how could you possible use bitcoin and not have any idea of the cryptography underpinning it
18:52:58Chillum:push gas, car go fast
18:56:11adam3us:Chillum: btw i saw the Luke-Jr Chillum exchange on #bitcoin-dev. Luke-Jr is correct, his point is that you really, actually can NOT assume there is a from address. think about sending from coinbase, or bitstamp, or coinJoin transaction, or a mixer. if you refund or assume that address private key is in the control of the person sending you money, bad you will lose.
18:57:05Chillum:I agree with that. But that only means a source does not equal a return address. It does not mean there is no source address
18:57:51Chillum:at the level that humans use bitcoin there is such a concept, even if there is no such concept at the core of the protocol
18:58:08adam3us:Chillum: well there are inputs for sure, but dont get in the habit of thinking a specific human is the sender, due to shared sending situations of which there are many.
18:58:31adam3us:Chillum: yes but thats wrong, that has resulted in lost money, confusion; that concept needs to die
18:58:43Chillum:I never meant to imply that addresses represented a real world identity in any fashion. They are of course disconnected
18:58:56Chillum:I have to go now
18:59:05adam3us:Chillum: ok then
19:43:49lmatteis:hello. maybe it's the wrong place to ask. but am looking for research regarding having the Web infrastructure (WWW, HTTP, etc) using a p2p model rather than a client-server model
19:47:49sipa:maybe it's the wrong place to ask. but am looking for research regarding having the transportation infrastructure (cars, trains, etc) using a air model rather than a road model
19:49:03lmatteis:this is the only thing i found from the Bittorent people
19:49:19lmatteis:but i'm not sure why they're not open-sourcing any of it
19:49:39lmatteis:how do they even make mone
19:56:36nubbins`:how indeed would they make money without open-sourcing it? :s
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20:18:02amiller_:lmatteis, ask melvster (in pm or maybe #webpayments), he knows about web things, basically off topic here though
20:28:33melvster:lmatteis try w3c payments group, or ask me if you have something more specific, perhaps better to continue this conversation on #webpayments or #swig
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