00:16:04phantomcircuit:sipa, ^
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06:30:27fluffypony:ok so bramc
06:30:41fluffypony:when I was in LA and Las Vegas a few months ago
06:30:51fluffypony:I tried a bunch of ATMs
06:31:00fluffypony:the experience was horrible
06:34:54fluffypony:the ones in LA were Robocoin, but seemed to be customised
06:35:26fluffypony:the process was arduous and quite confusing, I first had to scan my palm print, take a photo, scan my passport
06:35:46fluffypony:and then wait for "10 minutes" (turned out to be 20) whilst someone manually reviewed my "application"
06:36:37fluffypony:once that was confirmed the actual process was easier - go back to ATM, say you want to withdraw cash, send BTC,
06:36:57fluffypony:walk away, wait for 1 confirmation, go back, login, print slip, take slip to till, get cash
06:37:27fluffypony:the Robocoin ones in Vegas were a joke - go through a similar process, send funds, wait for SIX confirmations! I gave up
06:40:03gmaxwell:my SO had a similar expirence at a non-bitcoin ATM recently. Swiped card, made withdraw. "please wait, dispensing money"
06:40:06gmaxwell:for 20 minutes.
06:40:18gmaxwell:We couldn't leave... because, you know, "dispensing money".
06:40:23gmaxwell:Eventually it timed out.
06:47:22fluffypony:I feel like the problem is easily surmountable, it just requires Bitcoin ATMs designed by humans and not robots
06:57:25midnightmagic:the ATMs that steal your card while you do it are the worst when they "malfunction".
07:02:08fluffypony:midnightmagic: agreed, I much prefer the ones where you slide it in halfway and then pull it out once it's read the stripe/chip
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08:23:46phantomcircuit: walk away, wait for 1 confirmation, go back, login, print slip, take slip to till, get cash
08:42:20fluffypony:phantomcircuit: ikr
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17:19:59user7779078:does anyone have information on the DDoS's that pools were subject to a week or so ago? http://organofcorti.blogspot.com/2015/03/march-22nd-2015-mining-pool-statistics.html
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19:34:24phantomcircuit:user7779078, someone ddos attacked cloudhashing.com
19:34:30phantomcircuit:but that isn't the pool
19:34:36phantomcircuit:so it was just amusing
19:37:47jgarzik:DDoS attacks have been ongoing for months, and ramped up in Nov 2014
19:46:47fluffypony:I wonder if this is the prisoner's dilemma that's been theorised
20:06:56user7779078:phantomcircuit: interesting, thanks.
20:07:31hearn:fluffypony: i think it's just "extortion over the internet with anonymous e-cash is super easy"
20:07:45fluffypony:oh yes, I remember now - they asked for BTC to stop the DDoS
20:07:57fluffypony:much less interesting than miner's dilemma
20:12:22Taek:I'm assuming the miner's dilemma is resources spent on DDOS'ing competition will eliminate enough hashrate to pay for themselves?
20:12:31fluffypony:Taek: yes
20:13:32fluffypony:the thing is that the cost of those resources differ from adversarial pool to adversarial pool
20:14:23fluffypony:(all hypothetical, of course)
20:14:33fluffypony:and sometimes the imbalance in this cost leads to consequences that could be interesting
20:15:08fluffypony:eg. small pool with a very small % in hash, but some connection to a large botnet, decides to take on large pool with a larger % in hash
20:15:17user7779078:phantomcircuit: is there an announcement to look at?
20:15:37phantomcircuit:user7779078, no
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21:27:37Taek:I made a go library for merkle trees: https://github.com/NebulousLabs/merkletree
21:27:57Taek:afaik, it's the only go library that you can use to build and verify proofs that an element is in the tree
21:38:54amiller:Taek, petertodd has such a library
21:39:01amiller:i think maaku does too
21:39:09Taek:in go?
21:39:17amiller:i read that as
21:39:25amiller:"go to" library like..... "good, rleiable" library... sorry
21:39:59amiller:yeah good job. it would be cool if it were protocol-compatible with one of the others rather than its own entire data protocol though
21:41:03Taek:I thought about that. I didn't know if there was a standard to pick. I didn't want to use Bitcoin's version because there's a problem with doubling the last element
21:50:34gmaxwell:Taek: should have used the certificate transparency spec.
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21:55:40Taek:"Note that the hash calculations for leaves and nodes differ. This domain separation is required to give second preimage resistance." Sorry if this is OT, but can someone explain this to me?
21:59:37Taek:it looks like my implementation only varies from the spec in a few minor places. I can probably make it compatible without a ton of effort
21:59:57fluffypony:lol amiller
22:00:02fluffypony:it really is the worst name for a language
22:00:13adam3us2:well i guess prevent people from pretending that a leaf is a node or vice-versa by tricking a verifier into misinterpreting
22:00:33fluffypony:there have been plenty of times when I'm searching for stuff and I get all sorts of random results, I find you have to search for "golang X" instead of "go X"
22:00:52fluffypony:especially when you want to use Go to interact with the Thunderbird client...