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04:06:43Taek:amiller, gmaxwell: merkletree library now matches what is outlined in the 'Certificate Transparency' spec
04:07:31petertodd:Taek: re: domain separation, I posted a few weeks ago here how you can nearly make a blocksize increase be a softfork, because you can construct a transaction that looks like an inner node
04:07:58petertodd:Taek: however... you have to brute force something like ~48-64 bits to pull that off, soo... not terribly practical :)
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04:08:38Taek:even 64 bits isn't that bad with today's ASICs, assuming only the miner needs to brute force it
04:09:23petertodd:Taek: right, so you've implemented a merkle mountain range :) one interesting thing there is ask yourself if you're 100% convinced that you can prove everything you might want to prove easily in a context independent way; see my mmr implementation here: https://github.com/proofchains/python-proofmarshal/blob/master/proofmarshal/mmr.py
04:09:37petertodd:Taek: yeah, OTOH, would make testing things in testnet a bitch :)
04:10:05Taek:oh right lol
04:10:35petertodd:Taek: oh, actually, I'll bet you the birthday problem might help... I was a bit too drunk to think of it when I wrote it up in #bitcoin-wizards :P
04:12:17Taek:are the logs the only place you've written about it?
04:12:57petertodd:Taek: yup! seriously, IIRC I'd just gotten home from a bar with friends :)
04:13:20petertodd:Taek: it's a seriously, seriously ugly hack though, lets be honest...
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09:36:21adam3us:petertodd: you can make a blocksize extension (an size increase) by soft-fork. interestingly SPV clients might be compatible with a hard fork bitcoin block size increase also (they're just looking at log(n) paths anyway
09:48:19gmaxwell:(as an aside, it's 90 bits of griding, even accounting for 10 bits of meet in the middle, to do the node emulation in the bitcoin tree. If it weren't it would be a serious security vulnerability for SPV nodes. (I'd mentioned it in here prviously))
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11:46:47rusty:Lightning network paper part II: http://rusty.ozlabs.org/?p=462
11:47:17rusty:Corrections welcome (will check logs tomorrow)
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14:33:18instagibbs:rusty: “What’s brown and sticky?” - I laughed
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19:18:36fluffypony:no words
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19:25:23fluffypony:justusranvier is on fire in that thread
19:43:56petertodd:gmaxwell: 90 bits? that doesn't sound right; a simple fix would be a soft-fork to prevent txs smaller than 65 bytes
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20:43:44andytoshi:petertodd: iirc the calculation was done in the logs somewhere here, it was a sum of like 15 terms
21:08:24andytoshi:maybe not :/ i can't find it anywhere ... was something like 32 to make version == 1, maybe 10 to get a valid locktime, 7 for ninputs == 0 or 1, 5 for noutputs ≤ 8, then the size byte of all the scripts had to be really small
21:08:42andytoshi:the rest had to do with getting an actual attack rather than just a valid tx maybe?
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21:20:30andytoshi:rusty: i really like these lightning posts, i don't think it's possible to make it more accessible
21:22:08andytoshi:and i think it's all correct
21:23:37rusty:andytoshi: thanks... GreenIsMyPepper made one clarification on the first post, but no horrible flaws yet.
22:03:53moa:thanks rusty
22:04:19moa:elucidation is always wworthwhile
22:04:41moa:not to mention review
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