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09:13:58lmatteis:hello. is there a paper somewhere that explains how Namecoin works?
09:19:09fluffypony:lmatteis: #namecoin
09:19:17fluffypony:or #namecoin-dev
09:52:35nsh:.title http://www.reddit.com/r/crypto/comments/30wuxb/anyone_want_to_help_draft_some_cwes_for_elliptic/
09:52:36yoleaux:Anyone want to help draft some CWEs for Elliptic Curve Crypto? : crypto
09:52:47nsh:(Common Weaknesses and Exposures)
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14:44:36andytoshi:i think "known weak curve" is probably the only code worth having for curve parameters ... these things change as time ticks by and nobody is introducing known-broken curves to existing systems (are they?)
14:47:28pigeons:the projects i know are scared and just using whatever NaCl supports (Curve25519 i guess)
14:55:46gmaxwell:it's funny, because the NaCL implementation of signing with 25519 is some kind of adhoc, prestandard thing that doesn't match anything published.
14:57:25pigeons:yeah i think its a "nobody got fired for using IBM" sort of thing
14:58:31pigeons:everybody else is doing it, and we can appeal to djb as an authority
15:00:11gmaxwell:DJB is indeed awsome, but he's just one dude; its not like his code has been bugless. And his code is often very hard to review. I suspect people doing that probably haven't completely thought through what happens if things do go wrong; its easy to throw rocks at just using nacl.
15:10:00andytoshi:mmhmm, i recall some "random from [0, .. 2^255-19)" code posted here which was so bitshifty, long and uncommented that i said it was "probably backdoored" ... then we tracked it back to SUPERCOP/ed25519 (meaning djb had written it, and this was also our first clue it was doing modular reduction) and i revised it to "probably not". but tbh i couldn't tell and didn't want to wade through it ... if i
15:10:03andytoshi:was doing code review with him i'd make him add sipa-style invariant comments to every line at least
15:11:15andytoshi:actually maybe it wasn't 2^255-19, it'd be crazy then to not just generate 255 random bits..
15:18:48gmaxwell:Yes, he writes a lot of code thats very difficulty to review. It's also almost always correct (certantly moreso than anything I write). But not always. :(
15:20:34andytoshi:ah, it was 2^252 + 27742317777372353535851937790883648493 ... the discussion was on the mornintg of 2014-06-06, https://download.wpsoftware.net/bitcoin/wizards/2014-06-06.html starting from 16:08:57
15:28:38gmaxwell:yea, that function is a doozy. lol
15:29:42fluffypony:sc_reduce is headache-worthy
15:30:17Anduck:that's sick
15:30:26fluffypony:I love how MRL-0003 reduces that entire thing down to 2 sentences -
15:30:27fluffypony:4.1.11 sc_reduce
15:30:28fluffypony:Takes a 64-byte integer and outputs the lowest 32 bytes modulo the prime q. This is not a CryptoNote-specific function, but comes from the standard ed25519 library.
15:34:47hearn:it's like he said "magic numbers? i love magic shows!"
15:36:30fluffypony:everyone saw the TrueCrypt report, right?
15:36:39fluffypony:makes for interesting reading
15:37:12fluffypony:tl;dr - TrueCrypt is basically well designed, bar some Windows PRNG issues
15:39:17gielbier:fluffypony haven't seen it yet, thx for the link
15:40:05gmaxwell:I don't think there are any unexplained magic numbers in libsecp256k1, unless you count test vectors. (if you happen to find any, whine.)
15:44:05kanzure:i have been meaning to find an excuse to use https://github.com/Z3Prover/z3
15:46:13gmaxwell:any more formal analysis on libsecp256k1 would be awesome.
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23:29:51rusty:GreenIsMyPepper: why 40 days, BTW?