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08:10:52fluffypony:awwww they stopped questions just before I got to ask mine, and then the Chainalysis dude bailed right after his speech
08:11:15fluffypony:he spoke about how Bitcoin is Sybil resistant (lol)
08:22:01justanotheruser:bitcoin is sybil resistant?
08:22:09justanotheruser:or maybe I don't know the context
08:26:48fluffypony:justanotheruser: he was doing an introduction to Bitcoin
08:27:42fluffypony:the funniest thing was how he spoke about some of Satoshi's design decisions, eg. "fees were only thought to be added late in 2007" or some such
08:28:16fluffypony:and he kept slipping back to saying "we", like "we didn't want to open it up to Sybil attacks"
08:28:42fluffypony:like when him and Satoshi were sitting around the table in the kitchen, trying to decide on a cool name for their product
08:29:51Eliel:fluffypony: what were you going to ask?
08:30:55fluffypony:Eliel: during the Q&A he kept talking about how Chainalysis is helping regulators, and regulators/businesses must just "come talk to them", which made me REALLY want to ask him if they plan on continuing to Sybil attack the network by running nodes that don't relay transactions and aggressively reconnect when banned
09:02:04mm_:is this related to iacr by anyway?
09:07:41maaku:pigeons: and that repository is not offline....
09:18:11fluffypony:mm_: which bit?
09:19:20mm_:I need research fund in this field
09:19:34mm_:what should I do
09:20:26fluffypony:which field?
09:27:08nsh:* nsh blinks
09:28:23fluffypony:"Eventually, I believe Dash will position itself as a direct competitor to Bitcoin. In the meantime, Bitcoin enjoys a monopoly more or less on the space, which is unhealthy. For example, if the only crypto-currency in use is Bitcoin and it has an issue, the entire crypto-economy would be affected, burning the vast majority of it’s users. However, if there are 5 or 10 crypto-currencies in common use, it will reduce the systemic
09:28:23fluffypony:risk on the sector as a whole and make it safer for everyone."
09:28:55fluffypony:I think we need to apply that logic to TCP/IP and HTTP
09:29:08fluffypony:* fluffypony invents DashTCP
09:35:51wumpus:the lure of fragmentation :)
09:36:22fluffypony:wumpus: but imagine! Every ISP could have 5 or 10 different edge routers to support the different protocols
09:36:49fluffypony:consumer routers would only support 1 protocol, and would rely on the ISP to translate it into that 1 protocol
09:36:57fluffypony:what a great world they imagine!
09:37:15wumpus:anyhow, the systemic risk argument only makes sense for completely difernt systems, not derivations like darkcoin. And we already have another system: the old fashioned banks.
09:42:15wumpus: bitcoin is sybil resistant? <- it has a level of sybil resistance. Essentially as everyone does their own verification, the system only requires one honest node. But it is not entirely invulnerable, e.g. extreme sybil attacks can be used to isolate nodes
09:45:14sipa:it also gives you a means to measure whether you're seeing the same as everyone else (by measuring the hashrate)
09:45:52fluffypony:which is a far superior consensus system to "receive this from as many peers as possible, and then hope that the majority of them are honest"
09:46:04wumpus:e.g. systems based on voting and majorities are much more sensitive to sybil attacks
09:46:06wumpus:right fluffypony
09:46:08fluffypony:which is how, I think, a lot of "developers" imagine consensus
09:46:36wumpus:sipa: good point
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13:22:56stonecoldpat:Hi - to anyone who had interest in the paper I posted a few days ago about AKE. The technique described is sound and works fine (to best of our knowledge of course). However, Greg did point out an edge case - sighash_single has an implementation bug that allows someone to sign the message '1' in a transaction and this would allow an adversary to produce a signature that would enable
13:22:56stonecoldpat:relay attacks. Thankfully, This implementation bug is detectable (since your signing the number '1' and not the transaction inputs/outputs/script!). Ive already thanked him for pointing this out to me and i'll be updating the paper to include that bug (and as a safety-measure for the future - to be explicit about what needs to be signed for the technique to work).
13:28:49adlai:stonecoldpat: relay/replay?
13:31:30sipa:was about to say the same
13:38:38stonecoldpat:It would have been a relay attack (or at least thats what I would call it). In the sense that Alice has (r_{a},s_{a}), Bob has (r_{b}, s_{b}) and Mallory using the implementation bug could produce (r_{a},s_{m}) and (r_{b},s_{m}) - then he could initiate a conversation with Alice and Bob - sending messages back and forth. He cannot read the messages, but any messages he receives from
13:38:38stonecoldpat:Bob he can pass to Alice, and vice versa.
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13:39:08adlai:* adlai would call that a Mallory-in-the-Middle
13:39:16stonecoldpat:Without the implementation bug that should not be possible
13:39:22stonecoldpat:haha mallory in the middle then :)
13:40:18stonecoldpat:with the bug, he can produce any (r,s) and he knows he will sign the message "1" - so can just use the key recovery technique to get a public key that will match up with it
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16:04:10andytoshi:gmaxwell: see the `Use` section of the README on https://github.com/apoelstra/halfsleep :} it's usable now at least for trivial projects
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18:15:18adlai:this is COOL, to the point of shouting... although maybe the readme should say that it's a test-testing methodology :P
18:30:53andytoshi:hehe, thx :) yeah, the README should generally be much longer and have some more motivation; i need to work on functionality more before i do that tho (like, it doesn't work on member functions, only global ones; and it should be combining the unit tests for mutated functionality since i only need /one/ to fail because of the mutation, not all of them)
18:34:04andytoshi:..and it should allow users to register new mutators, etc, though i'm not sure how cleanly i can make that possible
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20:44:52Taek:oh jk that's not in golang anyway
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