00:23:49andytoshi:gmaxwell: sorry, i haven't had a chance to look at this, i've been sick all weekend and have a backlog of schoolwork because of it :/ but on a high level i'm excited, this problem seems really hard to me and it's good to make some progress
07:14:30fluffypony:andytoshi: I have the backlog problem, so I've found the simple solution is just to clone yourself. Unfortunately that technology doesn't seem to be ready yet, so I'm settling for 16-hour work days;)
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10:50:33Eliel:Is someone working on ways to make use of public open source projects with git repositories as a proof of work timestamping system?
11:01:49wumpus:Eliel: I doubt it, do any open source projects consent to be used for that? Also verifying proof-of-programming-work is famously difficult :-)
11:03:12Eliel:wumpus: I don't think verifying proof of programming would be necessary to do algorithmically in this case.
11:07:23wumpus:and even if you could quanity the amount of work that goes into it, it wouldn't qualify as PoW scheme, it's trivial to change git history because it's so easy to re-apply previous work
11:07:59Eliel:wumpus: yes, as long as you're speaking of a single repository that hasn't been shared.
11:08:35wumpus:so, how would you judge what chain is the right one, if there are multiple divergent ones?
11:10:54Eliel:wumpus: the idea is to have lots of separate but interlocking chains that sometimes fork and sometimes merge. Analysis would not be a simple task.
11:11:17Eliel:so, I doubt this would work for a cryptocurrency.
11:12:16Eliel:at least not as the short term consensus mechanism. Would probably work for cementing for the long term though.
11:18:10wumpus:you could use signed git commits to avoid rewriting without consent of all the contributors, that would make it more similar to proof of stake than proof of work
11:19:56Eliel:also, there's no reason to limit this to a single project. if you can cross link between most projects in existence, I suspect it'd become very difficult to manipulate in any way
12:48:03adlai:Two-Way Pegging Through Federated Submodules?
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