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10:04:20stevenroose:i have a question
10:04:54stevenroose:I believe that the limit of keys in an m of n transaction was something like 15, right?
10:05:06stevenroose:let me check
10:05:55stevenroose:16 it is
10:06:30stevenroose:is there a way to let say 100 private keys control some funds?
10:48:59fluffypony:stevenroose: yes, split the funds up into 7 groups
11:42:02stevenroose:fluffypony, well, if I want 90 of 100 sig
11:42:11stevenroose:is that possible by splitting?
11:43:49antanst:stevenroose: you can use shamir's secret
11:46:32gmaxwell:antanst: thats not a multisignature; you have to trust the device they're reassembled on completely; if you could do that.. why bother splitting? just leave your keys there.
11:46:37stonecoldpat:i was gonna say shamir's secret as well, but IIRC, once the 90 people agree to produce the key required to do the signature - then any one of them can spend the coins whatever way they want
11:47:13antanst:gmaxwell: You've got a point
11:47:45gmaxwell:stevenroose: assuming you're asking for a multisignature, a 90 of 100 is not really feasable today; but see my recent talk from the SF meetup where I talk a bit about a scheme that is basically ideal for 90 of 100.
11:50:22gmaxwell:sipa: intel just started shipping chips with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_ADX
12:02:54kanzure:phantomcircuit: he should just start signing stuff as jgarzik instead
12:03:38kanzure:stevenroose: the talk he is talking about is http://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/gmaxwell-bitcoin-selection-cryptography/
12:05:49stevenroose:thanks, kanzure
12:06:21stevenroose:what are the odds of this becoming possible in bitcoin in the future?
12:12:19kanzure:manykey thresholds? i'd say high. schnorr stuff seems to work.
13:39:25stevenroose:especially the polychecksig sounded promising
13:39:34stevenroose:gmaxwell, any news on that?
14:38:53c0rw1n:c0rw1n is now known as c0rw|away
15:23:47zooko:Are there any real prediction markets or derivatives markets in cryptocurrencies yet?
16:01:56sl01:zooko: maybe bitshares? not sure if that would count
16:03:18andytoshi:there is truthcoin but that is a long way away from being "real"
16:14:41stonecoldpat:does anyone know of a statistic site like p2sh.info that shows the total number of bitcoins kept using pay to pubkey hash? p.s. whoever made the p2sh one did a good job, it looks really nice
16:17:19sipa:stonecoldpat: sorry for not responding yet to your mail
16:17:38sipa:i'll be on vacation the next two weeks
16:17:52stonecoldpat:oh no worries i thought you had been
16:24:34williamdunne:stevenroose: For 90 of 100 sig you could have 15 servers doing 13 of 15 multisig and have 6-7 users per server. Build out signing mechanism that way.
16:24:54williamdunne:Really hacky way and would require a fair amount of work, but just a thought
16:47:27antanst:antanst has left #bitcoin-wizards