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02:56:47nullbyte:have the old -wizards logs from wpsoftware disappeared? i'm sadly seeing 404's on access :(
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05:14:31merlincorey:/w 17
07:38:13amincd:phantomcircuit: if you have any sources that confirm these are Bitcoin's security assumptions, I'd appreciate it: "to maintain the security model under which bitcoin operates ... the economic majority must run full validating nodes"
07:39:03amincd:I looked through the white paper and there's nothing about the economic majority runing a full validating. I don't see why the majority of the economic majority couldn't rely on a trusted third party for validation
07:40:38amincd:and they do not even have to trust a TTP: just the 'honesty' of the hashing majority
07:41:28amincd:s/runing a full validating/running a full validating node/
07:41:48phantomcircuit:amincd, re-read it
07:42:18phantomcircuit:try the second sentence
07:43:41amincd:Trusting the hashing majority IS Bitcoin's model
07:45:35phantomcircuit:amincd, ... bitcoin has an incentives model to compel the hashing majority to do what the full nodes want
07:47:43amincd:to do what the economic majority wants..
07:47:53phantomcircuit:and there you go
07:47:55phantomcircuit:full circle
07:48:15amincd:that's only if you accept some assumptions that you're making
07:57:37amincd:namely that an individual cannot get actionable information about miner misconduct without running their own full node
08:04:42amincd:the idea of everyone running a validating node so that they don't have to trust anyone for anything is an absolutist security model, which is a departure from Bitcoin's probabilistic security model. It's highly improbable that information about miner collusion to subvert the rules of Bitcoin won't rapidly find it's way to every corner of the economic majority
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09:04:42smooth:amincd: the whitepaper says "One strategy to protect against this would be to accept alerts from network nodes when they detect an invalid block, prompting the user's software to download the full block and alerted transactions to confirm the inconsistency" but no such mechanism exists
09:04:58smooth:there is nothing probabilistic about verification
09:05:30smooth:you're confusing the mining part of the system with the entire system
09:11:23amincd:True, verification is not probabilistic, but Bitcoin's overall security model rests primarily on the probabilistic security provided by the cumulative proof of work generated by miners
09:11:41amincd:^ smooth
09:12:34amincd:SPV clients take the principle of relying on probable security even further
09:18:38smooth:amincd: i would ask you the same question you asked: Where does it say that the "security model" relies on PoW. PoW is used to determine ordering of transactions, but "security model" is a bit more than that
09:23:13amincd:smooth: it does rely more than just on PoW, but it relies primarily on the probability that the accumulation of PoW provides that a block will not be replaced as new blocks are generated on top of it, and this in turn relies on the probability that >50% of the network hashrate will be honest. As for where in the white paper it says it: "We will show later that the probability of a slower attacker catching up diminishes expon
09:24:09smooth:amincd: where does it say "primarily"? That is your opinion, in my opinion
09:24:30amincd:smooth: well, I can't argue with your opinion
09:24:36smooth:it relies ENTIRELY on PoW to determine ordering
09:25:19smooth:as for the rest, im not so sure. For exapmple, the inability of others to spend my coins is not reliant on PoW, it is reliant on signatures
09:26:22amincd:smooth: true, but for the sake of simplicity, I left that out, as the security of signing is orthogonal to the ease of running a full node
09:27:40amincd:smooth: maybe I've over stating the relative importance of PoW's probabilistic security to Bitcoin's overall security model, but it is undoubtedly an essential part of it
09:28:43smooth:amincd: certainly it is essential, but saying "primarily" or minimizing other elements such as independent verifiability, I'm just not sure the basis of that
09:32:59amincd:smooth: I'll grant that the notion that it's "primarily" based on PoW is arguable.
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19:00:10dgenr8:when I receive a payment, I decide what chain to look at for confirmation. my decision is quite important to the person who paid me, my running a full node is not material to him, and it's my decision how material it is to me
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