00:16:45dgenr8:just spent hours pondering selfish mining paper monte carlo simulation before finally seeing intuitively where 33% comes from. 2*alpha = 1*(1-alpha). no one tells me these things
00:20:14nsh:in better-earth, then you see an assertion in a paper, it's semantically linked to various levels of explanitory elaboration that you can intuitively unfold, or are even unfolded in accordance with your own personal comprehension repository system
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21:01:27kanzure:it would be helpful if there was a way to make it necessary for an adversary to use proof-of-work to spend an entire cold wallet
21:01:42kanzure:where small value transactions require exponentially smaller PoWs or something
21:02:05kanzure:also, you could have a difficulty adjustment schedule where you periodically spend your own funds to a higher-PoW-requirement script
21:02:51kanzure:this may encourage adversaries to spend the lower amount before they come up with a valid PoW for spending the entire amount
21:03:19kanzure:this prolly shoots yourself in the foot too much though.. hm.
21:11:14Taek:presumably an adversary is going to have access to more PoW than you are, simply because their specialty is stealing PoW funds.
21:13:16Taek:I wonder if it would be useful to have a delayed spend?
21:13:29Taek:Such that you make an 'intent to spend' on block X
21:13:34Taek:with a first set of keys
21:14:14Taek:and then the actual spend needs a different set of keys and the signature needs to include the hash of block X+n
21:16:43kanzure:hm, i dunno if i need the intent-to-spend in the blockchain itself?
21:17:09Taek:it guarantees you a warning that the keys have been compromised
21:17:48kanzure:perhaps an nlocktime covenant requirement :p
21:18:13kanzure:anyway what i was actually thinking about is how screwed ai or brain emulations are going to be, considering how easy it is to extract private keys from hardware and software compared to human brain matter
21:18:41kanzure:(they will probably have to use humans in some weirdo multisig scheme to hold part of their secrets)
21:19:50Taek:if someone is already messing with an ai's code/memory, they basically own the ai anyway
21:20:23kanzure:well, yes, especially if cryptographic secrets are in there
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