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03:01:53robogoat:Anybody aware of a requester-pays s3 bucket containing the blockchain data files?
03:04:03robogoat:Or just publically accessible?
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19:41:21amiller:yall seen Trinocchio? http://eprint.iacr.org/2015/480.pdf
19:41:37fluffypony:the Disney film?
19:41:39fluffypony:* fluffypony jests
19:41:44amiller:its now safe to outsource your snark proofs to k/n servers
19:42:13amiller:they can produce snark proofs for you without actually having to know your secrets (unless more than k of them collude or whatever)
19:42:24fluffypony:ooooh I like this
19:42:57amiller:and it doesn't require a change to the underlying pinocchio protocol so even if they all cheat, then your secrets are stolen but at least the rest of whatever the system relying on the snark proofs (e.g. zerocash) isn't compromised
20:46:09gmaxwell:amiller: not compatible with the latest SNARK papers that use the recursive construction to get perfectly linear scaling, alas.
20:50:58Luke-Jr:amiller: is there a library that can be used for this purpose yet? ie, something I can throw in BFGMiner
20:51:35Luke-Jr:ie, something that doesn't require the executor to compile and run potentially malicious code
21:35:44andytoshi:maaku: gmaxwell: re my argument about impossibility of untrusted obfuscation, it is at https://www.wpsoftware.net/andrew/oldblog/?post=impossible-crs
21:36:15andytoshi:the argument was that you can't get rid of trusted setup for all systems (in particular this timelock scheme that i hand-wavily defined using obfuscation)
21:36:30andytoshi:but it doesn't argue that the obfuscation primitive itself requires a trusted setup
21:37:11andytoshi:(i feel like i did argue this somewhere, but didn't write it up, and don't recall how it went .. maybe i told it to gmaxwell here or offline and he remembers enough to prompt me?)
21:37:39gmaxwell:I think you did.
21:39:57andytoshi:i have argued that both obfuscation and snarks require multilinear maps, and that one went "matiyasevich's theorem says the computable subsets of NN are exactly the diophantine ones, therefore "cryptographically secure general computation" is as hard as "simultaneously cryptographically secure ring operations" for any definition of "cryptographically secure"
21:41:37andytoshi:but i am optimistic (though not very) that there will be some breakthrough in lattice crypto that allows efficient oblivious multiplication and addition without the trusted setup that graded encoded schemes do (graded encoded schemes are used in place of multilinear maps since there are no candidates for "pure" multilinear maps)
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22:49:42amiller:gmaxwell, actually i don't see any obstacle to using it recursively
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22:54:25gmaxwell:amiller: you fully seralize.
22:55:24gmaxwell:amiller: e.g. yea, sure you could distribute each step but then you need a full RTT per machine instruction and a full resharing and such, and so what did the delegation accomplish?
22:56:15amiller:i dunno, at the output of one round of this, each server gets a secret share of the resulting proof
22:56:51amiller:so i dont see why you can't use those shares of the resulting proof as an input to a subsequent round, which involves computing on that proof
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22:58:11gmaxwell:you can but that doesn't sound useful as the users will end up having to do a communication round trip and resharing for every single tinyram instruction.
22:58:56amiller:i don't see where the users round trip came in
22:59:35amiller:user just provide some initial secret shares of the input, that's all
23:00:30amiller:the servers can compute function after function after function, each time receiving shares of the output
23:02:42amiller:the user doesn't even have to be there in the first place
23:02:58amiller:the user could distribute the shares of the private key to the servers at the very beginning
23:03:11amiller:and if k/n of the servers want to do something, anything, with that key, they can do so
23:04:58gmaxwell:not seeing how this works, the recursive function requires you verify a completed proof (with a different group) inside a proof. You can't verify a share. You can't update the hashtree over memory with just shares.
23:05:36gmaxwell:I'm sure (due to the existance of MPC generally) that its fundimentally possible, but I don't see how the efficient trick there would work.
23:06:13amiller:it's totally possible i'm misinterpreting some limitation of this, i'm not reading it at any close level at this point...
23:06:34amiller:i think you could update the hashtree over the memory using just the shares using generic MPC
23:06:42amiller:and that's fine, generic MPC isn't perfect but it's within the range of powerful servers
23:07:15gmaxwell:It's not clear to me that its actually "within the range of powerful servers", at least for actively secure MPC.
23:07:16amiller:you only need to use the 'efficient trick' to operate on the snarks
23:09:37amiller:anyway i dont think its necessary to bring hashtrees into this either, i think i like geppetto's approach better (but i also want to stay out of the 'snark wars' as much as possible)
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