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04:14:01Taek:Assuming transactions were ~500 bytes each, launch a DoS on the transaction pool to push transactions up to 1c each would cost $312,000 per day.
04:14:47Taek:If I were to instead spend that money on bandwidth and try to do a traditional ddos on the mempool, would I get farther?
04:27:46Luke-Jr:Taek: you mean 1c ea to get confirmed within … how long?
04:28:54Taek:confirmed before the DoS attack ends. If you're dumping $312,000 per day into fees, you can continuously keep the mempool full of 1c transactions
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10:25:52dabura667:Is there a way to downgrade to pre 0.10.0 without re-downloading the blockchain?
10:26:09dabura667:My blockchain files are out of order a la headers first.
10:26:50gmaxwell:well okay, you could linearize to create a bootstrap.dat
10:26:55gmaxwell:and the the old version can use that.
10:27:01gmaxwell:but uhh.. why are you downgrading?
10:27:13gmaxwell:Seriously vulnerabilties hoy in old versions.
10:27:32dabura667:Or I could wait until insight supports out of order blocks
10:27:55dabura667:But instant gratification! (sigh)
10:28:58dabura667:I'll have to weigh my options... Thanks for the answer.
10:39:04gmaxwell:dabura667: or look into fixing it yourself? why does it access the block files?
10:39:14gmaxwell:e.g. if it only does it to speed up the initial sync, perhaps you can just bypass that.
10:45:41maaku:dabura667: linearize.py and then point insight at the bootstrap.dat?
10:49:32antanst:dabura667: You can sync insight via RPC, which avoids the blocks-out-of-order problem, albeit slower
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14:35:29Taek:are these legitimate concerns?: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/37tqie/psa_miners_please_use_blockmaxsize1000000_cause/crpwbmj
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15:36:19kanzure:better link http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/37tqie/psa_miners_please_use_blockmaxsize1000000_cause/crpwbmj?context=2
15:38:16kanzure:Taek: although not a network propagation detail, it is perhaps worth mentioning that large miners, if there is an easy attack vector, might be compelled by others to actually execute that attack (such as law enforcement)
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22:51:51nsh:.title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwJXiJqG9gI
22:51:51yoleaux:HotPI Debate: Reversible computing and the validity of Landauer's principle - YouTube
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