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11:35:33kanzure:.title http://empslocal.ex.ac.uk/people/staff/mrwatkin/zeta/unusual.htm
11:35:33yoleaux:unusual and physical methods for finding prime numbers
11:38:44nsh:good ol' watkin
17:47:18kanzure:.title http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/coreutils/2015-05/msg00048.html
17:47:18yoleaux:feature request for coreutils: b2sum
17:58:20ryan-c:gmaxwell: I don't know if you saw this when it was making the rounds a few weeks ago, but stuffing data into the modulus is also pretty easy: https://rya.nc/cert-tricks.html
18:07:00zooko:kanzure: why are you looking at that?
18:09:03kanzure:it was easier than linking to your email
18:09:26kanzure:i mean your pmetzger mailing list email
18:16:55fluffypony:Apple is releasing Swift 2, and open-sourcing it
18:17:03fluffypony:(libs and compiler)
18:17:10fluffypony:and they're releasing it for Linux
18:17:18fluffypony:what planet am I on.
18:17:32fluffypony:binaryatrocity: I'm watching WWDC
18:17:38binaryatrocity:ahh, nice
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18:36:50zooko:fluffypony: interesting!
18:36:57zooko:fluffypony: I'm still rooting for Rust though.
18:37:09fluffypony:zooko: also, it's just a surprising / unexpected move
18:38:14zooko:I'm glad of it both for itself and because it will push Rust. :-)
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21:00:18nsh:Looking at the fully factored private keys, none of them were factored by a simple large shared prime. Instead, we typically found one or more small factors. After the first results, we started running trial division by the first 20 million primes. This resulted in a number of new factors. We then took the residues of the hundred or so moduli with one or more small factors, and applied elliptic curve factorisation à la Lenstra (we used the Zimmerman et
21:00:18nsh:al implementation). This has the specificity of finding the small factors first. So far 12 keys have succumbed to this method (that is, the remaining residue passes the Miller-Rabin primality test, so is almost certainly prime).
21:00:22nsh:-- http://cryptosense.com/batch-gcding-github-ssh-keys/
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