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00:13:41gmaxwell:"Who can help me engange in brain surgery? my neighbor has a tumor. I pay to learn. pm me." ... ::sigh:: re people spamming #bitcoin-dev about their new coin creations when they dunno how to even compile the software. :(
00:15:11midnightmagic:I'd buy that for a dollar..
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00:56:40Meisterbrau:http://bitcoinmacroeconomics.com/2015/06/12/velazquez-vs-werdum-ufc-188/ LIVE UFC / PLACE YOUR BET IN SECONDS
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02:46:21kanzure:gmaxwell: you don't need brain surgery to remove brain tumors, see http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/papers2/neuro/ultrasound/High-intensity%20focused%20ultrasound%20with%20large%20scale%20spherical%20phased%20array%20for%20the%20ablation%20of%20deep%20tumors%20-%202009.pdf
03:39:39zooko:I actually did, I think, save a person from brain cancer. #offtopic
03:49:09kanzure:making a stable cryptocash system can have that effect on people, yes
03:52:06kanzure:well how else are they going to pay for brain cancer treatment
03:52:23zooko:a) I haven't made a stable cryptocurrency (yet), b) no that's not how I saved his life.
03:52:37zooko:c) where's the #bitcoin-wizards-offtopic channel? Oh, I think I just created it.
03:53:17zooko:Also, I'd like to point out something to you about that theory of the mechanics of aging and why keto diet should be expected to slow aging if that mechanical explanation is right.
03:53:34kanzure:i suggested ##hplusroadmap for that
03:53:37zooko:... as soon as you join #bitcoin-wizards-offtopic, or direct me to another forum and tell me that you really want to hear ...
03:53:49zooko:Sorry, I forgot that channel last time around. Writing it down ...
03:54:04kanzure:anyway, anti-inflammation stuff seems kinda obvious
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06:31:36gmaxwell:FWIW, after the positive reaction on reddit, I linked the CT writeup on hackernews.
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