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13:34:02kanzure:someone suggests designing a hash function that uses a local lookup table to make the hash constrained by memory-bandwidth. he claims that this prevents asics (which i doubt.. why can't i make high-memory-bandwidth asics?) (plus i'm not convinced that's desirable).
13:35:30narwh4l:kanzure: has he not heard of the hash functions that rely on memory bandwidth?
13:35:38narwh4l:kanzure: prevent asics? lol
13:36:36kanzure:well, i certainly haven't looked at memory-bandwidth-constrained hash functions yet
13:37:03gmaxwell:kanzure: see descussions of the bcrypt like sboxes in yescrypt... but the argument is kinda weak.
15:10:07StephenM347:Does BIP62 cover addition of OP_NOPs into the scriptSig?
15:10:55StephenM347:I suppose this counts as a 'non-push operation'
15:28:47wumpus:StephenM347: yes
15:34:31wumpus:only direct pushes, OP_PUSHDATAn, OP_n are considered push opcodes, see CScript::IsPushOnly
15:38:48StephenM347:wumpus: Just double checking, thanks
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19:09:28kanzure:petertodd: can you show me "recursive snarks" stuff if any exists?
19:11:03amiller:kanzure, do you want papers?
19:11:11amiller:http://eprint.iacr.org/2012/095 Recursive Composition and Bootstrapping for SNARKs and Proof-Carrying Data
19:11:34amiller:this one lays out the basic theory for it but not necessarily practical
19:11:59amiller:https://eprint.iacr.org/2014/976 Geppetto: Versatile Verifiable Computation
19:12:24amiller:this does *one layer* of snark composition... it has an inner snark and an outer snark... its practical and efficient but no code is released yet (the author is nice and will probably release it soon)
19:12:57amiller:https://eprint.iacr.org/2014/595 Scalable Zero Knowledge via Cycles of Elliptic Curves
19:14:41kanzure:i will always take papers
19:15:02amiller:this one finds parameters for arbitrary recursive composition.... it's about finding two related elliptic curves, such that you can run the snark algorithm for B in the exponent of curve A, and vice versa.... the concrete performance is a lot worse than geppetto but you can do as many layers as yo uawnt
19:16:22amiller:i have heard that there is recursive composition as per the 2014/595 paper already implemented in libsnark, but I can't see it. maybe it's not released yet.
19:16:56kanzure:unrelated, but have you looked at sequential abbreviated signatures before?
19:18:30kanzure:oh strange; for some reason i was not aware that libsnark has active development.
19:19:14kanzure:(just fetched their latest commits)
19:23:31amiller:yeah, libsnark is definitely under active development
19:24:05Luke-Jr:* Luke-Jr wonders how long until there's a sandbox that can just execute snarks <.<
19:24:25amiller:Luke-Jr, ive been working on that actually
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21:26:16theymos:weex, maaku: BitcoinJ only connects to nodes returned by the DNS seeds, so if you ensure that all of the DNS seeds return trustworthy peers on the right side of the fork, this'll protect most SPV wallets.
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21:29:53phantomcircuit:theymos, that's hilariously the same security model as a bunch of the PoS things
21:30:05phantomcircuit:"if the first node you hear about is trustworthy then you're securE!"
21:30:22phantomcircuit:i assume you're not seriously proposing that as a valid security model :)
21:34:05theymos:phantomcircuit: It's not good, but that's what BitcoinJ actually does now. So it's an option until that's fixed.
21:34:35theymos:Fixing it is more difficult than it looks at first because SPV clients have less ability to detect bad peers.
21:35:28phantomcircuit:theymos, i've actually been arguing recently that there basically shouldn't be any SPV nodes as they exist today
21:35:55theymos:What do you propose as an alternative?
21:36:45phantomcircuit:theymos, start with a pure spv node and then upgrade the security of the installation overtime
21:37:01phantomcircuit:first spv checks
21:37:27phantomcircuit:then sanity check all blocks
21:37:48phantomcircuit:saving only the hash of the last blocks you checked
21:38:16phantomcircuit:congrats you've now managed to significantly improve security without storing much of anything
21:38:46phantomcircuit:the key is to note that running most of the sanity checks like maximum blocksize are independent of each other
21:40:30theymos:That's a good idea. Probably miners should commit to that sort of "sanity" stuff by including it in their coinbase transaction or something. Then lightweight clients don't have to download as much data.
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